More to come

Just a quick update and some word to buzz!

I have made it to Arizona and have been living off grid much of the time (see me, Tony, and our mushrooms and radishes grown above, with a few other visual treats). I read most of the time (Shambhala helps). Connection is spotty out here, but we’re hoping for a fix soon.

I am still making my way into #science #journalism but being very patient with education and jobs as this crisis endures. I, like most of us, had a lot of opportunities fall through these past couple of years (and it hasn’t gotten much better, tbh). This is a very difficult time to break into #scicomm if you don’t want to write about #covid19 nor #conspiracy #fakenews. As #aapi I find myself in the middle of #racism discussions, more so since the pandemic began, and I am very tired of it as well 😴

That’s not to say that I dislike heady discussions of these topics, it’s just that MY GOD, I NEED A BREAK. Instead, I am focusing my energies on #positivepsychology #scifi #writing #music #therapy and #indigenous #activism, so please connect if you want to talk more about these topics.

Take care of yourselves,

Tami (aka Anjelika Keisuke)

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